How to Get to Åcon

From Finland

The convention organizes a group trip to Åcon on ferry from Turku (Tallink/Silja). The per-person price includes a deck place on the ferry; you can also purchase a cabin via us (up to four persons in a cabin). The convention will book one cabin for storing luggage, so you don’t have to keep your bags with you on the ferry.

The ferry from Turku (Tallink Silja Galaxy) leaves 8:15 on Thursday May 5th. The ferry will arrive in Mariehamn at 13:35. On Sunday May 8th the ferry (Tallink Silja Baltic Princess) leaves 13:45 from Mariehamn and arrives in Turku at 19:15.

You can book your meals with us, or arrange your own if you prefer.

The prices for the return trip (Turku-Mariehamn-Turku) are:

  • 17 €/person (deck place) or
  • 84 €/cabin (1–4 persons)

There is a group breakfast on Thursday (10.50 €) and a lunch buffet on both Thursday and Sunday (25 € each) for those who want to book meals together with the trip.

If you want, you can bring a car (46 €) with you. If you are travelling with a larger vehicle or bicycle, or if you are travelling with children please contact

More details

  • Please be at the terminal half an hour before departure at the latest (7:45 in Turku on Thursday, 13:15 in Mariehamn on Sunday)
  • The morning train from Helsinki to Turku arrives at 7:41; please hurry to the terminal as soon as you arrive Sadly, VR has discontinued the morning train Helsinki – Turku on holidays. However, there is a bus connection that works as well. It leaves 10 minutes earlier than the train would. See
  • We have a cabin to store the luggage; you’ll get the number when picking up the boarding pass from Sari Polvinen at the terminal
  • If you’ve reserved the breakfast buffet, you get a voucher with your boarding pass. The buffet is open immediately after boarding on deck 7
  • The lunch buffet is at 12:00. There are no separate vouchers for this; the meetup is in front of the buffet restaurant (7th deck) at 11:50
  • Those who choose not to have the breakfast buffet have traditionally gathered at Joe’s place, also on deck 7
  • The ferry arrives at the Mariehamn terminal at 13:35, and stops there for only ten minutes before continuing to Sweden; please remember to get off the ferry immediately
  • You get the boarding passes for the return trip at the Mariehamn terminal on Sunday (be there by 13:15); lunch buffet meetup is in front of the restaurant at 14:00
  • Do you want to know more about the ferries? Click away to information on
  • M/S Galaxy or
  • M/S Baltic Princess

How to reserve a trip

Book your travel here. Note that you book either a deck place or a cabin, not both! For each cabin you must book and pay for one cabin (for yourself), and choose the “cabin passenger” item for each of those who will share your cabin.

Book by Friday April 8th Sunday April 10th at the latest! (Yes, we’re late, we know. Sorry.)

From Sweden

There hasn’t been much interest in group travel from Stockholm in the previous years, so we will let you sort out your travel yourselves. You seem to be good at it. If you really would like us to arrange group travel from Stockholm, let us know, and we’ll probably do it for Åcon 9.