Our con hotel is (once again) Hotel Adlon, conveniently located right at Mariehamn’s Western Harbor (where the ferries dock). The hotel provides both the accommodation and the venue for the convention itself, so you never need to leave it (unless you want to go sightseeing in Mariehamn, of course).

The hotel services include free parking, and free wi-fi in the program area, lobby, and rooms. The convention does not provide childcare, but the hotel has a play room for kids (parent supervision required). There is a pizzeria and a bar at the hotel. Sauna and pool are available for a fee.

At Åcon, there are usually one or two room parties on Friday and Saturday night, going on until 3 am or even longer, with drinking, talking and the noise that parties bring – no music or shouting, though. We can only continue this tradition if there are people who are sound sleepers or who do not care very much (or who expect to attend the parties until they close!), who are willing to take the rooms that are in the same general area as the party room(s).

Thus, if you are planning to throw a room party, please specify “Noisy area” when you book your room.

If you are willing to sleep in one of the rooms next to a party (or are planning on probably attending the parties), don’t give a preference at all (or specify “Anywhere”) when you book your room.

However, some of us have sleeping issues, or perhaps small children. If you are one of those who really need a room that is as quiet as possible, specify “Quiet area” when you book. Please only do this if it is important to you. And note that we give no guarantees, making this work is up to the hotel and they haven’t always succeeded previously. They have promised to try, though.

Booking instructions

Book your room directly with the hotel (like previous years): tel. +358 18 15300, fax +358 18 15045, or email Mention the name of the hotel (Adlon) and the booking code “ÅCON8” when you reserve your bed, and possibly a noise level as per above. The hotel will require your name, phone number (preferably mobile phone) and your credit card number for a guarantee of the reservation (the payment can be made with another card or by cash, this is just a guarantee). If you do not have a credit card, the hotel has previously been flexible with this but if possible, please provide the credit card number, too. If there are problems with the reservation, please let us know by email ( and we’ll talk to the hotel.

Please notice Hotel Adlon is not open during the winter so the reply might come from Savoy Hotels, depending on when you book.

The prices for Hotel Adlon (per person!)

Package per person for three nights (5–8.5.2016)
In a single: 275 €
In a double: 160 €
In a double with an extra bed: 130 €

Package per person for two nights (6–8.5.2016)
In a single: 205 €
In a double: 125 €
In a double with an extra bed: 105 €

If you are booking a double or a double with an extra bed, it is up to you to find someone to share the room with. Note that as the cost is per bed, the total room cost will be 2 or 3 times the bed cost. Each of you are paying 1/2 or 1/3 each.

Please book your room by April 5, 2016!