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Membership transfers

The Membership page has been updated with information about membership transfers; what to do if you want to transfer your membership to someone if you cannot attend the convention, and what to do if you would like to buy a membership from someone who wants to sell theirs.

Sold out

After a record-breaking day — we started out with twenty-eight memberships still for sale — we have now sold all the one-hundred available memberships. For those of you who see this notice too late, don’t despair quite yet — we shall try to set up some sort of system eventually where you can queue up to buy any memberships that current members who discover they cannot attend might want to sell.


7 memberships left

As you know, the convention venue is very limited in size so Åcon has always had a membership cap of 100 members. Currently we only have 7 memberships left to sell. We have sold 21 memberships today and expect to sell the remaining very soon, perhaps today already. The demand for memberships has been much higher than in previous years, for a number of reasons.