The Convention Committee

The ConCom are the people responsible for the convention. They have help, of course, but if you have questions, these are the people to ask.

Jukka Halme

Jukka in a funny hatCo-chair, programming @jukkahoo
Recovering illustrator, editor, writer, reviewer, con runner, fanzine-fan from Helsinki, Finland, Chaired three Finncons, been involved with a number of other conventions since 1989. Besides doing pretty much everything there is program-wise, does also mean quizzes at cons. May have too many books. Or not. Maybe. No. Did someone mention beer?

Tero Ykspetäjä

Tero in a funny hat. Photo: Henry SöderlundCo-chair @teroyks
Sf fan from Turku, Finland. Active in fandom since the late eighties. Fanac includes among other things: running sf societies, fanediting, pub meetings, and conrunning. Recovering role-player and larper. Sitting down for a beer and sfnal chat is favorite fanac nowadays. Loves Italian food. And burgers. Semi-retired from conrunning so planning on having time to actually read a book again one of these days.

Johan Anglemark

Johan in a silly hatPublicity @anglemark
Inveterate conrunner who’s been doing this for some time now. Equally fascinated by space travel, languages, and swords & sorcery. Slowly filling his house with books and board games, he still can’t get used to the idea that fandom is no longer all about fanzines. Always torn between the bar and the programming, usually with the bar winning. Worships Flann O’Brian and Mervyn Peake.

Hanna Hakkarainen

Hanna in a silly hatGoH Liaison @hansutweet
Hanna appeared in Finnish fandom some time ago. No one can really remember when; it involved a lot of bheer. Since then she’s been active in fandom, including chairing a couple of conventions. Likes languages (the deader the better). Lives in a house filled with books and cats. And lately also an Alien Spawn.

Katarina Norrgård

Katarina in a silly hair@KatNorrgard
Newbie con runner, oldtimer when it comes to sf. Reads too much according to family. Discovered the wonderful world of MUDS at university and has never really been the same since. In love with everything and anything Irish with the sole exception of colcannon.

Ben Roimola

Ben in a silly hat@benroimola
Involved in Finnish fandom since the 80s. Been on the arranging end of some cons and other happenings. Editor in chief of Enhörningen, the only Fenno-Swedish sff-zine existing in the known universe. Does not drink beer (or other alcoholic beverages).

Sari Polvinen

Sari in a silly hatJukka’s PA
Fan, binge reader and conrunner whose soul is constantly fought over by fandom and her dog-related hobbies. Jukka’s long-suffering spouse, who can’t decide if e-books are a good thing or a bad thing. Åcon knitter who budgets both for beer and yarn while on the island.

Other Staff

Other people making invaluable contributions to the convention include:

  • Fia Karlsson, Evangelist @feeejay
  • Marianna Leikomaa, Badges
  • Sini Neuvonen, Programming

Our Thanks