Is Åcon for me?

This is some guidance for all of you who went to Archipelacon, and are not sure whether Åcon 8 is something you would appreciate.

So let’s assume you went to Archipelacon and that was your first event of that type. Now there will be a science fiction convention again in Mariehamn. Will it be as fun as Archipelacon?

Let us walk through the differences between Archipelacon and Åcon 8. Then you can make up your mind.

The obvious differences are of course that Åcon 8 will be much smaller, 75-100 members instead of 800, and will have an up-and-coming young author as the only guest of honor instead of five famous long-timers.

Some of the other differences:

  • Åcon 8 will only have one single program track. If what’s going on doesn’t interest you, we hope you will want to sit in the bar and talk or be out enjoying Mariehamn.
  • There won’t be programming going on all the time at Åcon 8. There will be long breaks between the program items to allow the convention’s members to sit in the bar and talk or be out enjoying Mariehamn.
  • There will be mainly (but not exclusively) two types of programming at Åcon 8: Discussions/talks focused on literature and quiz shows/silly stuff. There won’t be much about movies, comics or things like that. Look up the previous Åcons and have a look at the programming!
  • There will be no music, no masquerade, no cosplayers, or anything like that at Åcon 8. The focus at the Åcons is on talking to the other fans, perhaps with a glass of something nice in one hand and a good book in the other one.
  • There will be no evening parties at Åcon 8. Instead, there might be one or two parties late at night in people’s hotel rooms. Of course, in a way, there will be a party going on most of the time in the bar.

If this sounds like fun, consider buying a membership! 🙂