Åcon 8 will be held in the Hotel Adlon in Mariehamn, on May 5–8, 2016. Åcon is the small, relaxed literary science fiction convention that has been held seven times so far.

At Åcon:

  • The guest of honor is usually a non-best selling but really interesting author
  • The program is a single track with a 50/50 mix of silly and really serious
  • The program is very relaxed, with long pauses between some program items to allow members to sit in the bar or explore Mariehamn (and rest of Åland)
  • Only 100 memberships are sold, then we’re full
  • Everything is in English

Previous Åcons

  • Åcon 7 (2014), GoH Karen Lord (Barbados)
  • Åcon 6 (2013), GoH Tricia Sullivan (UK)
  • Åcon 5 (2012), GoH Catherynne M. Valente (USA)
  • Åcon 4 (2010), GoH Geoff Ryman (UK)
  • Åcon 3 (2009), GoH Steph Swainston (UK)
  • Åcon 2 (2008), GoH Ian McDonald (UK)
  • Åcon 1 (2007), GoH Hal Duncan (UK)

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